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Natural briolette faceted labradorite amethyst moonstone hematite statement necklace, bohemian necklace, natural jewelry, jewellery


Item collection il fullxfull.752380755 5jkw

Bright Rainbow / handmade polymer clay bead necklace black leather cord with sterling plated accent beads, sterling plated lobster clasp


Item collection il fullxfull.756653082 i0sk

Planetary Bright Rainbow handmade polymer clay beaded necklace on pink leather cord with sterling plated clasp, gift for her, spring colour


Item collection il fullxfull.752253917 ioxw

Blue Planet / handmade artist grade polymer clay beaded necklace silver cleather cord with sterling plated beads and clasp, metallic pearl


Item collection il fullxfull.752085154 91yr

Spring Pastel Rainbow / beaded handmade necklace on pearl leather cord with lobster clasp and sterling plated accent beads


Item collection il fullxfull.752226107 i1tm

Ultraviolet / handmade artist grade polymer clay beaded necklace on pearl leather cord with sterling plated accent beads, pink silver purple


Item collection il fullxfull.752222079 3c1j

Stellar / red black granite silver handmade artist grade polymer clay beaded necklace on leather cording with sterling plated clasp beads


Item collection il fullxfull.752217781 c9tm

Intergalactic / Metallic shimmer pearl handmade artist grade polymer beaded necklace leather cord sterling silver plated beads and clasp


Item collection il fullxfull.752213213 1nk6

Outerspace / handmade polymer artist grade clay beaded necklace on teal leather cord sterling plated accent beads and lobster clasp


Item collection il fullxfull.737322609 az65

Real Tiny green suede journal necklace on antique brass chain, long librarian necklace, book lovers jewellery, famous authors, book jewelry


Item collection il fullxfull.728339370 c2y6

Vintage Steampunk lock and keys necklace in mixed metals, clockwork jewellery, y necklace, lariat style, gold and silver, hearts


Item collection il fullxfull.431368522 m2yc

Blue flash Labradorite statement necklace, beach wedding, labradorite necklace with pearls, star pendant flash sparkle bohemian beach style


Item collection il fullxfull.431371655 su93

Shabby chic Beautiful Handmade resin bird necklace, Cute little sparrow necklace, welcome spring, peach and pearls, tiny butterfly and bird


Item collection il fullxfull.737470405 t10n

Minimalist Czech glass beaded bar necklace on brass chain, lobster clasp necklace, gift for her, everyday gold jewellery, simple feminine


Item collection il fullxfull.431370485 t5te

Spring bird Statement resin sparrow necklace, long gold chain with bird pendant, handmade birdie pendant, robin red breast, wren, sparrow


Item collection il fullxfull.628104115 qmh4

Winter stag deer necklace, statement necklace, blue czech beaded deer necklace, woodland nature inspired, summer sale, bronze brass metallic


Item collection il fullxfull.633484219 osmz

Gorgeous Modern geometric blue gold retro industrial jewelry, minimalist jewellery, trendy spring style, gift for her eco friendly


Item collection il fullxfull.635952326 em25

Elegant Heishi shell pyrite bar necklace, sterling chain gemstone, gold and cream soft tones, beachy necklace, fall boho necklace jewellery


Item collection il fullxfull.712254203 gw22

The "Rose & Stone" brass necklace with opaque glass bead, rose jewelry, rose jewellery for her, Valentine's Day gift, floral shabby chic


Item collection il fullxfull.739720074 6ns5

Vintage long brass butterfly gemstone boho statement necklace, nature inspired shabby chic, bohemian red orange beaded necklace, chic trendy


Item collection il fullxfull.737301190 jtpc

Long Pastel leaf Czech glass beaded necklace on antique brass chain, gift for her, spring color, sparkle, green gold, trendy shabby chic


Item collection il fullxfull.632254123 t17y

Gorgeous green Amazonite pyrite African Turquoise bar necklace, color block, inductrial nature inspired, minimalist simple modern necklace


Item collection il fullxfull.730449240 8y8s

Shabby chic antiqued brass crown with Swarovski crystal y necklace, royalty jewellery, long chain, gold tone, lobster clasp, corona queen


Item collection il fullxfull.647605660 mi2s

Large gemstone raw pyrite chunk statement necklace on brass chain, pyrite chunk jewelry, statement jewellery, trendy boho gypsy


Flying Art Garden

I am inspired by the beauty I find in Natural Gemstones and the gorgeous array of colors in which they can be found. My designs are made using unique stones from all over the world. It is the best feeling when I come across that perfect stone. I combine natural stones with gold and rose gold, silver, copper and brass for a look that unites the beauty of nature with the glamour of haute couture.